Martin Strommer

Founding Partner

Martinis a co-Founder of nCinga Innovations Pte Ltd, a digital transformation SaaS startup focussed on the garment industry. In true startup fashion Martin wore multiple hats at nCinga but his main responsibilities and expertise are in the commercial, operations and sales domains including business planning and strategy, funding and pitching, contracts and partnerships, due diligence and strategic sales engagements.

Before bringing nCinga to life, Martin worked 25 years in the telecommunications and information technology industry. He has a sound technical background in software engineering and developed the patent US8744051B2 during the design of a customer solution. He regularly speaks at public forums and works closely with industry and government bodies on matters related to Industry 4.0, digitalization and automation. During his career Martin held senior positions in companies such as Dimension Data, Hewlett Packard, Alcatel and Motorola. He successfully managed the Asia Pacific subsidiary for a high-tech spin off fromTandem Computers and led two software start-up companies through key growth phases and funding rounds as their CEO.

Martinis active in the startup community as a mentor and management advisor. He consults with founders and management on technology, operations, funding, commercial and legal matters, and works with the senior leadership teams to define the companies’ strategy.

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