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We are a VC++ fund accelerating Deeptech, AI and Fintech startups

At nVentures we focus on startups that create impact on mass-population with sustainable solutions for hard problems using  digitisation and adoption of latest technologies

Startup, Corporate or Investor

At nVENTURES, we have offerings specific to you, regardless of where you are in your growth stage, your innovation ambitions or your investment philosophy.

For Startups

Understand your competitive advantage and provide funding

Retrofit your technology stack to the trending competitive landscape and find which corporate “white spaces” do you fit in

Open our global business network and support you in establishing an eco-system that gives you competitive advantage 

Support possible M&A 

For Corporates

Understand your competitive landscape

Compare your technology stack with the trending competitive landscape and find “whitespaces” 

We shall find innovators/ entrepreneurs and mentor them, invest in them and open them to conduct business including possible M&A when ready

Support possible M&A 

For Investors

Corporate innovation program will support your investee companies from technology and business ecosystem perspective

Search, evaluate and groom innovators for you to participate with us as co-investors 

Open our global business network and support your investee companies in establishing competitive advantage 

Support investee companies with possible M&A 

Our Focus Areas


Companies looking to build and develop core technologies that will shape the future.


Startups developing products and services using artificial intelligence


Startups looking to disrupt the financial sector, from payments, banking to consumer services

Our Investment Guiding Principle

Early stage Tech Startup with proof points

Our investments are usually at Seed/Series A , where we lead the round. This helps us establish a solid relationship with the founder, and to influence company strategy. We only invest once a company can show that a market exists for its product and that it is ready to use extra capital to scale.


Founders with great ambition

We look for founders who want to build large digital companies. Our preference is for business models that are light on physical assets and where the founders have ambitious plans to scale internationally.


Sectors ready for digital transformation

We look for the industries where Technology can be enabler to take out the inefficiencies, our investments apply innovative business models to large industry sectors who are adopting to Digital Transformation as solution.


nVENTURES Value Creation

nVentures is a dedicated fund focused on generating superior returns by proactively researching to invest in high potential DeepTech/ AI/ FinTech companies that will take advantage of growing SEA digital economy

nVentures creating a Community platform for Startup companies to have the Portfolio companies' CEO/CTO can leverage each other experience

nVentures will have Deeper engagements with Portfolio Companies – as a Mentor/Board member and provide the basic services platform to let them focus on the growth.

nVentures will take ~ 10% minimum and a board seat to invest so that can have deeper engagement with Startups/Founders

A founding team with proven track record

The founding team at nVENTURES has a proven track record of starting, scaling and successfully exiting technology startups, and have worked across leading global technology companies.

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